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v1.0 - Hertz

Jacob | | Hattiesburg, MS

Exponential chirp 1

Hertz has been released. You can view the full changelog if you like or just read the highlights:

This release is named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who became the first to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves. The scientific unit of frequency (cycles per second) was named "hertz" in his honor.

  1. Exponentialchirp.png by Omegatron. Licensed CC-BY-SA v3 Unported

Fix for TLS Read Errors (Issue #38)

Jacob | | Hattiesburg, MS

Remember when I said v1.0 was complete? And that there would probably be a release candidate this week? Welp, I lied. Sorry about that.1

Previous versions of pianobar, such as those currently in the Raspberry Pi repos, no longer work due to TLS read errors. Building pianobar from source fixes this problem. will soon be updated to reflect this fix.

In the meantime, you'll need to execute this bit of code to remove the old version of pianobar and build from source. This will solve all of the issues and also help with creating stations as well.

  1. Sorry not sorry.2 

  2. Okay but seriously, I am slightly sorry. 

v1.0 Feature Freeze

Jacob | | Hattiesburg, MS

With commit 5dca190, milestone v1.0 is complete. This means that there's now a feature freeze in effect for v1.0 development.

The only thing I'll be changing in the code are bugfixes and maybe a few enhancements to existing code. If all goes well, we'll have a release candidate later this week and then a full blown release1 sometime next week. Definitely not before the 9th; I'll be busy at work preparing another software program for release.

Found a bug? Let me know!

  1. Our first one! 

Hey! Listen!

Jacob | | Hattiesburg, MS

Welcome to the new Pidora devblog!

Here, I'll try to document how I'm coming along with Pidora development and try to give my rationale for doing it the way that I did. This is also where I'll document releases and the like.

In honor of Erwin Schrödinger's birthday, here's a photo of a cat. Because reasons.

No-nonsense cat